Sights in Florence

There is a wide selection of places to visit in Florence: museums like the Uffizi palace, the Boboli garden, churches, streets and panoramic locations. It is impossible to visit every tourist attraction in a short period of time, although having a good selection can help: the best suggested itineraries to better visit Florence usually take up to 3 full days, which can be easily transformed into a great weekend in Florence!

Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the main places to see “La cupola di Brunelleschi”, the bell tower, designed by Giotto, the “Battistero” built in the 4 th century: The church’s marble front along with it’s door, portraying sacred scripts in gold, creates a priceless and unique in the world artistic complex; the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, best known as “Il Duomo di Firenze” was designed and worked on by very famous and important artists of the Renaissance (Brunelleschi, Giotto, Talenti, Vasari, Lorenzo Ghiberti and Arnolfo di Cambio). The Duomo is the number one attraction of Florence.

Another main attraction of Florence is the “Ponte Vecchio” (the Old Bridge), the most beautiful bridge in Florence, filled with antique jewelry shops (some since the 1500). On top of the bridge you can find “Il Corridoio Vasariano”, built in 1565 by Giorgio Vasari for Cosimo de Medici, long 1 km (circa) connecting a passage from Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Vecchio in Piazza Signoria, the social and political part of the city center. We recommend the walk as it gives you a nice walk/view of some places in Florence.

The Florence touristic itinerary includes a visit of the Uffizi museum: Start your artistic voyage from the 1300 hall, surrounded by the most famous masterpieces in the world created by artists like Cimabue, Giotto, Duccio di Buoninsegna, Botticelli, Leonardo, Caravaggio and many others. You will need an entire day to be able to visit the entire palace, rest assured though to get out the Uffizi refilled with artistic beauty. Not in a museum mood? Just on top of Florence you can find the Piazzale Michelangelo, the most romantic panoramic view of Florence.


What to see in Siena and surroundings

Siena, in list with the most beautiful medieval cities in Italy, is situated and surrounded by the Tuscan countryside. Piazza del Campo is the heart of the city, where they celebrate the famous horse race: “Palio di Siena” every year since the 1600. Overlooked by the public palace and its tower, the famous “Torre del Mangia” (500 steps high) from which you can admire a beautiful view of the city.

San Gimignano is a small town between Florence and Siena, unique and famous for its towers. The towers, 72 originally, were built by rich families as a symbol of their power. There are only 14 towers left today, although they are still able to establish the unique charm of this marvelous Tuscan village, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. San Gimignano is situated in Val D’Orcia’s territory, surrounded by wheat hills, medieval castles, cypress avenues, farmhouses and hotel homes surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Tuscany’s riches are able to colorfully flourish in this area, producing local products, famous worldwide such as wines: DOCG Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano and Rosso d’Orcia. Val d’Orcia is home of many renaissance hamlets like: Monteriggioni, Montalcino, Pienza. In the same area we can also find thermal baths and hot springs: Bagno Vignoni and Rapolano. There are plenty of touristic itineraries in Val d’Orcia, which we are able to organize according to your time and needs, by car or motorbike.


What to see in Pisa

The most famous attraction in Pisa is the Leaning Tower, situated in the Piazza dei Miracoli, a must have experience is to reach the top of the tower and admire the panoramic view of the city.
After taking the classic “hold the tower up” photo opp, you can continue your Pisa route by visiting other famous city monuments such as the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Dome’s museum and the Sinopie Museum. After a nice walk along the Arno riverside, our advice is to reach the Piazza dei Cavalieri to admire the old Palazzo dell’Orologio, full of history, used before as the “Santo Stefano Knight’s Order Infirmary” and now used as the famous “Scuola Normale di Pisa”. June is a good time to visit Pisa as you can assist to many famous traditional celebratory events for “San Ranieri” the Patron of the city. The so called “Giugno Pisano” (directly translated as Pisan’s June), hosts plenty and unique shows like the famous “Luminara”, the “Regata di San Ranieri” and the “Gioco del Ponte”.


The best of Tuscan country side.

Most of the suggested itineraries provide visits to old Tuscan villages and breathtaking sites, that nature donated to this region: The Casentinesi forests, the Maremma Toscana, the Chianti and the Val d’Orcia. The only problem you will face is choosing which place to visit while in Tuscany.

In the heart of the country side, there are at least 5 medieval towns to visit at least once in a lifetime. Apart from Val d’Orcia’s hills, like Montepulciano, Pienza, San Gimignano, and Pitigliano, we have to suggest Volterra, Cortona, Anghiari, Lucignano, Monteriggioni and Montalcino.


The best outlets in Tuscany for shopping

Apart from shopping in Florence, before you leave Tuscany, for those quality shopping lovers, you simply must visit the Outlet in Barberino del Mugello called: “Outlet di Barberino”. Over 100 shops of high quality brands, that can range from 30% to 70% of sale. You can find it at the beautiful edge of Mugello’s territory, only a few KM away from Florence, built and designed as a renaissance village, so you can really enjoy the best of your shopping day as you take a nice walk and maybe why not, have an ice cream.

I migliori affitti a Firenze per studenti, turisti e professionisti?